PV Power Plant EPC

Construction preparation stage:

·Getting familiar with the contract terms and attachments, understanding the scope of works and the requirements of the project owner.

·Organizing site investigation, putting forward a preliminary overall project planning scheme

Design & acquisition stage:

·The design manager is responsible for organizing a professional information collection and fixing of external design parameter details

·The design manager will organize designers to complete the design tasks as scheduled.

·The design manager will submit a bill of materials and equipment list to the purchasing manager after finishing the construction drawing design.

·The design manager will communicate with the construction manager before finalizing the drawing design.

Construction stage:

·The establishment of the construction management unit and construction site preparation

·Organizing subcontract bidding and moving in

·Compiling corresponding construction management files and systems

·Delivery of the design and training the construction personnel

·Organizing material delivery to the site

·Setting up control of quality, progress plan and EHS

·Milestone acceptance of works, application for and payment of progress payments

·Acceptance upon final completion, handing over and tail-in work

Commissioning stage:

·Provision of technical support and service in this stage

·Participation and coordination in the commissioning work

·Participation and Coordination in construction assessment work


Although photovoltaic power stations possesses service life of over 25 years, their actual life span will be affected by the reliability of modules and other electrical equipment, and the conditions of the environment. To ensure high generating capacity, reliable and safe operation of a PV power station, its proper repairs and maintenance plays a very vital part.

Operation & maintenance includes:

·Module surface rinsing, hot spot examination and testing, performance tracking

·Function test and security examination and testing on electrical equipments

·Regular examination and testing on lightning protection

·Stability check on base structure

·Control of vegetation

·Personnel training and management


·Maintenance of monitoring system

·Data recording and analysis

·Spare parts replenishment and management

·Quarterly and annual inspection report