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EHS is an integration of environmental management system (EMS) and occupational health and safety management system (OHSMS). It is a system of quantified control indicators that have been drawn up contraposing all the important environmental factors, major risk factors, or other factors that are in need of control.


Construction arrangement

A. Construction electricityThe construction unit will connect power supply to the construction area. If the electricity supply falls short of the requirements of the construction site, Heavy machinery such as steel-bar butt welders should be used and operated at night to avoid the peak energy usage periods in day time.

B. Construction water: The construction unit will connect water supply to the construction site to meet the water consumption requirement.

C. Access road: The access road can meet the construction requirement.


The construction layout plan is the overall spatial arrangement of the construction scheme and construction schedule. It lays out rationally all kinds of resources, materials, components, machinery, roads, water and electricity supply network, production and living activity space and temporary works at the construction site, which brings about efficient and orderly construction in an organized manner.

Efficient and Orderly Construction

1. Efficient and orderly construction and standardization management The professional person in charge will conduct site inspection to ensure safety production, efficient and orderly construction, site cleanliness, tidiness and sanitation to meet the requirements of standardization of site works.

2. Organizational measures for efficient and orderly construction

3. Safeguard measures for efficient and orderly construction

4. Living conditions and sanitation safeguard measures

5. Environment protection measures

6. Technical measures to ensure construction completion punctuality